How to Pick up the Perfect Size T-shirt Online

Picking the size of a t-shirt that you are buying online is definitely not an easy task. Because the sizing can vary depending on the store, you might need to size up or size down. However, with online purchases, you don’t know it until the t-shirt you bought arrives at your doorstep. Knowing what size of a t-shirt you need is also important for companies that want to give them to their employees, as when ordering from websites like, you need to state what sizes you will need.

So how can you understand what size you will need while buying a t-shirt online? Well, keep reading if you want to find out.

Measure Yourself

The first thing that you should do before ordering anything online is getting to know your measurements so that you can pick the right size. Don’t look at the labels like “size 12” or “medium,” as one company’s size 10 might be another one’s size 14. There are two ways in which you can get your measurements:

  • have a professional take them for you – it’s no secret that you’ll get the most accurate results if you are standing normally, and not bending over or doing some other turns. So if you have the option, go to the clothing store and have a professional take the measurements for you. They do it all the time so they’ll know how to do it. You can also look for a tailor or seamstress – if they have some free time, they shouldn’t have a problem with taking your measurements – some of them will even keep them so that when you come with something that needs work.
  • take them yourself, or ask your friend for help – if you don’t have the opportunity to go and get your measurements taken by a professional, you can do it yourself, or ask a friend to help you out. However, when doing it yourself, remember not to try and stand up straighter than you usually do or suck in your stomach, as all it would lead to would be uncomfortable clothing that you won’t be able to wear. The thing that you should pay close attention to when measuring yourself include:
  1. for men – sleeve length, chest size, neck size
  2. for women – your bust (the fullest part of your chest), the slimmest part of your torso (the so-called ‘natural waist’), sleeve length

Check The Sizing Charts

Once you have your measurements, you can head to the size chart. That way, you choose the size that will fit you perfectly. Trusting only the label like “size 10” or “size 12” might be very disappointing when the ordered item of clothing doesn’t fit you. It’s especially important to follow the size chart if you are ordering from a retailer that carries, for example, different designers or clothing manufacturers.

If you are ordering from a website that specializes in custom clothing or that has consistent sizing across all of their products, it will be a lot easier to order more products. After all, you will need to study the size chart only once and not for every individual product.

If you can, check the customer’s reviews as they also can tell you a lot about the sizing of the clothes you’re planning on buying. After all, you don’t want to end up having to return the products that you bought just because they weren’t the right size — to much hassle.

Know The Difference

When buying women’s clothes online, sometimes you might encounter things like “misses” and “junior” clothing. When making a purchase online, it’s important that you understand the difference between those two.

The “misses” sizing uses even numbers such as 2,4 or 6. Clothes with this sizing usually have a little bit more t-space in the breast area, and in the hips, if the t-shirt you’re ordering is very long – they are perfect for those with an hourglass figure. “Junior” sizing, on the other hand, uses odd numbers to denote fit and has less space in those areas. This type of sizing is good for those with a more boyish figure, smaller frames, or trendier tastes.

Write It Down

This one might sound strange, but it’s actually very useful when you’ll find some retailers whose clothes suit you very well. You can write it down in a notebook, but you can also create a Word document where you’ll put the brand’s name and the size. When you’re shopping online next time, all you’ll have to do is open your notes to know which size will be right for you. It can be very useful since you can have different sizes depending on the company. Remember, though, that it works with companies from which you have already tried the clothes on.


As you can see, choosing the right size is not as easy as some might think. That’s why it’s important to take your time and take all the measurements instead of impulsively buying clothes just because they look nice and then have to return them. Think about it.