JD Fresh Partnership That Will Significantly Benefit the Fresh Fruits Merchants

JD is the world’s largest online and offline retailer that launched in 1998. The china based company has its headquarters in Beijing, China. The company expanded quickly and set up various offices across China and more abroad. In the United States, they have an office in New York City, and in Japan, their headquarters are in Tokyo. The company has also set up a research and development center in Silicon Valley in California in the United States. JD has employed more than 10,000 employees working in various locations in China and other offices and centers abroad.

The company is rapidly expanding and growing, with more than 300 million customers in their database. The growth rate never seems to stop because they get more customers every day across the world. These customers get attracted by the company’s genuine products and same-day delivery services in China and the rest of the world. They work hand in hand with very many local companies in China and other prominent international organizations that provide genuine and top-quality products.

JD has a mutual partnership with various companies in China and abroad. The merchants deal with products like automation, luxury, tech, robotics baby products and services, food and beverages, anti-counterfeit, logistics, drones, augmented reality, home appliances, clothing, fashion, and beauty electronics, among others. has primarily invested in the latest technology, and they are working hard to ensure the retail industry will perform better in the future than it is currently. The company has put together several researchers, developers, and scientists to work on several innovative ways to better every department. The team uses several tools and technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, computer vision, and remotely-controlled vehicle systems to ensure they achieve the organization’s goals of making the retail industry more diverse.

They have also diversified and improved their logistic network to ensure it covers all China locations. Their deliveries are efficient and very reliable. They guarantee that 90% of their deliveries are the same day and orders they can’t deliver the same day you will receive it the following day. They are known to have the world’s fastest and most reliable delivery service compared to any large-scale e-commerce company in the world.

They recently entered into a premium alliance with a cherry merchant and opened a third-party store. The head of the JD fresh fruits division, Xiaozhou Zhou, said that by integrating high-quality logistics and supply chain resources they were hoping to empower the merchants with services to ensure they provide a superior shopping experience to JD’s customers.

The first phase of the alliance was to target the cherry category in JD fresh. The merchant in this alliance would benefit from the company’s supply chain starting with Chile. The alliance would also enjoy high-quality authorization from JD. It will significantly help address the weak points in the industry of low quality and supply chain standards. The company has even formed a special team that will help optimize the supply chain processes, start with the cherry category, and then later move to blueberry, durian, and mangosteen. They also provide resources to help merchants increase their sales of imported fruits. The company will also increase customer traffic, quality control training, and marketing.

JD announced plans to introduce a red C2M tailored cherry gift box with a zodiac cow that will entice the Chinese customers, especially when purchasing the New Year’s gifts. Zhou, the JD fresh head, said they hope to improve the merchant’s efficiency in supply chain management and lower costs. It will ensure the industry will vastly improve to high quality and have an integrated supply chain.