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What You Need to Know Before Applying for Eyelash Extensions

In recent years, eyelash extensions have increasingly become popular with most women. This is because, a significant number of women today, who grapple with a fast-paced lifestyle seldom have time to use fake eyelashes daily. However, despite the increased use of eyelash extensions, there are several things that users need to know before applying the beauty treatment.

Here are some of the important details that beauty enthusiasts need to know before applying eyelash extensions include:

1. The commonly used eyelash extensions

The widely used eyelash extensions by beauty enthusiasts include synthetic, silk, or mink. The lengths of these commonly used lashes range between 6mm and 17mm respectively. Revolution Lash Studio specializes in customized lash designs to accentuate your eyes. Subsequently, depending on the lashes that one selects, semi-permanent glue is used to apply the lashes one at a time. However, users, as well as beauticians, must ensure that the glue is user-friendly and should also check in terms of not irritating the eyes or causing damage to the natural lash.

2. The duration it takes to apply for the lash extensions

To apply a complete set of lashes, one needs an averagely of two hours. The lashes can be maintained constantly with touch-ups. The recommended duration for such touch-ups ranges between three to four weeks. It is also important to note that each individual has different lashes. Subsequently, based on the condition of an individual’s natural lashes, beauticians should take into account the length or thickness of one’s natural lashes. For example, individuals with shorter and thinner natural lashes do not need to go for a dramatic look with eyelash extensions, because it may not last. In such instance, consideration for a half set of lashes is reasonable economic wise.

3. What to do in case glue drops in your eyes

When applying lash extensions to an individual’s eyes, it is expected that the eyes should be shut the entire time. Closing eyes, the whole time is necessary to ensure that glue does not drop into an individual’s eye. Further, to avoid or prevent any instance of irritation, the first precautionary measure that needs to be considered involved ensuring is user friendly in terms of not containing any harmful compound such as formaldehyde.

4. Redone period

Lash extensions may last a period estimated at around six to eight weeks. However, since each individual’s lash growth tends to vary, there is a need to focus more on light lash maintenance after every three to four weeks to retain a full look.

5. The Myth

Various myths surround eyelash extensions such as ruining one’s natural lashes. On the contrary, it is not true, especially when applied correctly and appropriately. In essence, lash extensions are safe and do not cause adverse health effects on individuals’ natural lashes if applied in the right manner.


Beauty enthusiasts, who desire to apply for eyelash extensions, must seek the advice of the trained beauticians. Learning from experts in eyelash extensions is a key to ensure individuals avoid instances where their eyes or natural lashes are damaged.