Men's Fashion

The Fine Jewelry Pieces That Every Man Should Own

When it comes to men’s jewelry, less is definitely more. A few quality pieces with sentimental value or high-end pieces that will last a lifetime are much better than a box full of cheap costume jewelry. This is because, unless you’ve got the style of Johnny Depp, most men should never wear more than one or two pieces of jewelry at any given time. A ring on each finger and so many necklaces that you can’t see your neck isn’t, as a general rule, a good look! So, what pieces should you be investing in? Here’s our quick guide to the three fine jewelry pieces that every man should own:

A Personalized Pendant

A simple pendant is an essential piece of jewelry that every man should have in his armory. These pieces really come into their own in the summertime, where they look great paired with a casual cotton shirt for a low-key beachy vibe. Most men simply don’t buy jewelry for themselves: instead, it is gifted to them by loved ones. For this reason, a personalized pendant for him makes a great gift, and is highly recommended for every man. is a high-quality online jewelry brand specializing in personalized pieces that will have sentimental value. Whether you choose to wear a necklace with your own name or the name of someone special, the coordinates to a significant place, or a special date or place, it is a great way of always carrying that memory or person close to your heart. If you don’t already have a personalized pendant, this is the place to find one.

A Dress Watch

You might be able to tell the time with your iPhone, but it doesn’t look stylish or professional! Instead, every man should have a dress watch that they can wear with their suit, formalwear, or for special occasions. The watch you wear reflects your personality, and you should spend at least 1% of your annual salary on your dress watch.

The style of the dress watch you choose will be driven by your personality: colored face or plain face? Gold base or silver base? Do you prefer a watch with a metal or leather strap? Think about these questions and answer them carefully: a decent dress watch is a significant financial investment, and one you should think about before you take the plunge.


Cufflinks are best worn on your clothes, rather than your body, and they should be viewed as such! If you regularly wear a suit, or attend formal events, then you should invest a little more in a pair of cufflinks that reflect your style and personality, but every man should own at least one pair of cufflinks, even if they don’t wear them very often.

Avoid novelty cufflinks (those shaped as footballs or guitars don’t look good on anyone) but that doesn’t mean your cufflinks should be plain and boring either. Silk knot cufflinks are affordable, and can help you to inject a splash of color into your look, whilst personalized and engraved cufflinks can remind you of a special time or place that you don’t want to forget.

With just these three pieces of jewelry in your collection, you’ll be ready for anything!