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How Do Atlanta Microblading Services Work?

The struggle of getting perfect brows is one that most women can understand. You’re getting ready for a night out with the girls, a wedding, or a birthday party, and while you have the rest of your face set to go, you’re frustrated at how you can’t seem to get your brows right.

If you have tried everything from brow pencils to gels and pigments, and still struggle with sparse eyebrows, microblading is the solution you have been waiting on. What was once an obscure procedure has become a popular and highly requested service by women of all ages.

Read on to find out all you need to know about this natural-looking brow treatment.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a face tattoo technique. It involves the use of a superfine pen to deposit pigment into the skin, giving the illusion of fuller and more defined brows. The pen is uniquely designed with a fine tip to ensure that each hair-like stroke mimics real hair.

This procedure is semi-permanent – the needles do not fully penetrate all layers of the skin.

What you need to know about microblading services in Atlanta

If you have come this far and are interested in getting your brows microbladed, you’re on the right track. By now, you have heard stories from people who have had the procedure. You’re worried about how safe it is.

Let us put your mind at rest by confirming that, indeed, microblading is a relatively safe procedure. Before you schedule an appointment with Atlanta microblading services, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Microblading is not as painful as you would expect

Like most things, pain is relative. What hurts a lot to you may hurt very little to someone else. Before microblading, your brow expert will apply a numbing cream to your brow area to help numb the pain.

The amount of time the cream is left to sit on your skin depends on your pain tolerance. So, if you’re one who feels even the slightest sensation, the cream may be applied about 45 minutes or an hour beforehand.

Some medications can alter the effectiveness of microblading

Before getting your brows microbladed, you need to avoid consuming substances or medication that would thin out your blood.
If you do not take this precaution, you’ll bleed more during the procedure. Undoubtedly, it will affect how well the pigment is applied as well as the healing process. To avoid this, stop the use of aspirin, retinol, caffeine, and even alcohol before and immediately after getting microbladed.

Results of microblading can last for up to 3 years

After the procedure, you will need to visit the clinic for a touch up after a few weeks. Afterward, you will only need a touch-up once every few months. Experts say that microblading can last for 12 months and even longer. Of course, the length depends on your skin and maintenance.

Microblading is a worthy investment that will save you the hassle of drawing on your brows every morning. If you are considering getting the procedure, don’t hesitate. Look up the best microblading clinic in Atlanta and give your brows the treatment they truly deserve. Usually, the top microblading services will show up online based on their seo search rankings. Trust us, it will be worth it.